[PD] Re: which linux PD sources for jack?

guenter geiger geiger at xdv.org
Thu Apr 24 11:31:49 CEST 2003

On Wed, 23 Apr 2003, vanDongen-Gilcher wrote:

> I just compiled the tar.gz of the devel_0_36 branch with gcc 3.2.2.
> It didn't detect my recent (2 weeks) jack. I had to edit the makefile after
> the configure.
> It didn't compile untill I added some typecasting to s_linux.c, created obj
> en bin dirs, and added the includes to s_linux.c
> It didn't  link untill I added «pkg-config --libs jack« to the appropiate
> place in the makefile instead of -ljack
> Does CVS check out work better?

Yes, I was talking about the CVS. The problem is that jack changed
substantially since this snapshot was made (you probably know, shm and
such), so you really need the latest from CVS.

> Jack also seems a lot more "sensative" than plain alsa, so I will stick to
> alsa for performances for the time being.

Yes, jack is moving a lot, and especially the more recent versions seem
to have some stability problems. But then, everyone wants to compile
the newest ardour and you need the newest jack for that ..

> regards
> Gerard


> > From: guenter geiger <geiger at xdv.org>
> > Actually the devel_0_36 branch does not need these "--enable-xxx" flags
> > anymore, because jack and alsa get autodetected. (You should be able
> > to see this in the output of ./configure)
> >
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