[PD] compression codecs

kurt stockman kurt at kapotski.be
Mon Apr 28 09:17:25 CEST 2003

I'm using divx >> works on windows if you have the codec installed:
When rendering a movie with the divx codec be sure to make 'every frame a
keyframe' (or 'keyframe every 1 frame')

+ with the CVS Gem you can play them on linux !!! (alltough some of my avi's
play upside down....)



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>what OS are you using and what do you mean by 'good'?   if good means
>nice images with little compression artifacts then that suggests a
>different set of codecs than small file size or fast decompression.

unfortunately i am using winXP and 'good' means nice images and fast
decompression ;)
the picture quality of cinepak and indeo5 (lil bit better) is quite bad, but
both work quite good on my machine.
i was just thinking about any other codec that maybe looks better at same
performance ...


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