[PD] space in label bug in slider properties

jfm3 jfm3 at ouroboros-complex.org
Tue Jun 3 21:52:00 CEST 2003

> > The Tcl/Tk interface is getting on my nerves in general. I can't do all
> > the UI things I'm used to. Tab doesn't work, for example. Is there still a
> > movement to separate PD from its UI?
> What do you mean with Tab doesn't work (how should it work) ?

When I'm filling out a form, like the properties box for a slider,
hitting tab should move me to the next field. This makes it so I can
fill out the form without removing my hands from the keyboard. Other
tiny things like shift-arrow for hilighting the last word of text aren't
as nice as they are with GNOME or Emacs either.
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