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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Jun 4 21:38:14 CEST 2003

There are a number of video/image packages for pd:

GEM - Windows, OSX, Linux
Framestein - Windows
PDP - Linux, OS X somewhat
GridFlow (better on jMax) - Linux


On Tuesday, Jun 3, 2003, at 08:57 America/New_York, Glen Oglethorpe 

> Big shout going to Frankie! Thanks for your help dude. I'll try and 
> zip up the compositions and get them 2 u asap.
> I have another question; I have heard that pD is capable of handling 
> still image & video sequencing as well as all the audio and midi > stuff.
> can anyone give me a quick overview on this subject; as I would love 
> to start producing my own Digi art / audio instalations.
> Can any of you shed a little light on this subject??!?
> Glen Oglethorpe.
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