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marius schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
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> - dsp cycles: if i have a complex calculation that requires several pd
>   objects, will it take several dsp cycles (one for each object) or is
>   it calculated at once. eg, if i have an abstraction that does 100
>   calculations (one after another) when i send a bang, would it take
>   100 dsp cycles?

usually all is done in one dsp cycle. but....
if you build loops the loop can hang up. for that reason some loops cannot
be built (you cannot connect an outlet of an object to the inlet of the
object itself) or sometimes there is a delay of one block for example if you
have a send~ and receive~ and want to fill it into the send again. (correct
me if i am wrong).

> - how can you switch of the calculation of some generators /
>   subpatches / patches? (i would really need this in my patches)

with the switch~ object. it works like block~ but if you send switch~ a zero
(0) the dsp calculation for this subpatch is turned off. by default it is
turned off, and you use like 1 to turn it on. i think there is still no help
patch for that, but i remember it is documented in the html-documentation.

> - abstractions vs externals: i suppose externals would be faster (if
>   you want you could even write your external in the assembler
>   language of your machine), but require more ram (more code, maybe
>   larger classes)... is this correct?

seems correct, it uses more cpu, but let me say this is marginal.

> thanks a lot...
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