[PD] [OT] bugbear ?

pix pix at test.at
Sat Jun 7 12:07:02 CEST 2003

all of these viruses tend to fake from addresses using other emails in the
addressbook of the infected person. possibly also from emails appearing in
any messages in their inbox. so you are likely to get faked virus emails
from everyone who has recently posted on the pd-list, if someone else on
the pd list gets a virus.

so, the upshot of this is that replying to a virus email with "you have a
virus" is generally useless and only adds to the annoyance caused.

the only thing you can do is to make blanket requests such as, "if you are
going to use outlook, please don't open attachments. p.s. rats learn
faster than this"

but, maybe i'm just in a bad mood ;)


On Sat, 07 Jun 2003 11:16:23 +0200
Herr Reinhard Gretzki <gretzki at claranet.de> wrote:

> I also got a mail with an *.exe. attachment from the email adress: 
> marius.schebella_a_t_netcabo.pt
> At first i wondered why i should get a direct mail from the pd list 
> when i subscribed just for the digest...so this is a virus (bugbear?).
> Reinhard 
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