[PD] directory paths

David McCallum david2003 at mentalfloss.ca
Tue Jun 10 01:03:47 CEST 2003

         I have a really stupidly complicated system setup using 4NT where 
it will dump all files and locations with a specified extension, in 
whatever dirs you want, in a txt file. I then use [textfile] to cycle 
through the txt file to select the samples I want.

         This, of course, can't really be done live in an [openpanel] kind 
of concept, I do this all before I run Pd.

         I'll share it with you if you *really* want the headache of using it.


At 19:57 08/06/2003, you wrote:
>does anyone know is it possible to specify a specific
>directory pathway without specifying a specific file?
>Something simmilar to [openpanel] so I can send a bang
>that will open up a explorer box, except that I can
>only choose a folder instead of a file.  Is there
>anyway to strip the file name off from the root path
>that is given with [openpanel]?  I want to tell a
>[soundfiler] where to look for a group of wav files
>but not to locate any one in particular.  I am on a
>winXP system.

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