[PD] asio/simple multichannel problem

micha electrobass at gmx.net
Wed Jun 11 01:46:57 CEST 2003


i know this has been a topic before, but i couldn`t find any answers
(even not negative) to this problem:

i`ve got a sb audigy 2 (guess this applies also to the emagic 2|6) and
unless i don`t disable the adc i can`t get 6 out channels without any
glitches. if i also want to use the adc i`ve got to switch down to 2
outputs and then everything (except the lacking 4 outputs!) is fine.

is this a general problem or does it just need the right combination of

thanks in advance


ah yes, here my commandline output:

>pd -pa -listdev
Audio Devices:
device 1: Microsoft Soundmapper - Input;2 inputs, 0 outputs (Default
Input) device 2: SB Audigy Audio [B800];2 inputs, 0 outputs device 3:
Microsoft Soundmapper - Output;0 inputs, 2 outputs (Default Output)
device 4: SB Audigy Audio [B800];0 inputs, 2 outputs device 5: ASIO
DirectX Full Duplex Driver;2 inputs, 2 outputs device 6: ASIO Multimedia
Driver;2 inputs, 2 outputs device 7: Creative ASIO;18 inputs, 14 outputs
device 8: SB Audigy ASIO [B800];18 inputs, 14 outputs


>pd -pa -audiodev 6  -nomidi -outchannels 6 -inchannels 6 -r 48000
works with 6 channels...

>pd -pa -audioindev 1 -audiooutdev 2
works with adc but just 2 outchannels

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