[PD] latency and gem crashing

Brent Cody brentcody at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 11 21:12:08 CEST 2003

Here are my two issues:
LATENCY (The following is a description of what happens without using gem. Specifically, I type ``pd -audiodev 3 -midiindev 1'')
I have a midi controller going into an m-audio usb quattro, and the latency is around 0.5 seconds. I'm using windows xp. I have ``asio'' selected in the control panel for the quattro. If I try using ``-asio'' everything slows down to the speed of molasses.
How can I reduce the latency to something reasonable? Does anyone else have the same setup as mine?
GEM CRASHING (I type ``pd -audiodev 3 -midiindev 1 -lib /pd/gem/gem'')
Everything (except for the 0.5 sec latencey) works beautifully for about 15 minutes, when, invariably, either one of the two following things happen.
1.) An error window pops up and says something like ``a fatal error has occured.'' I click ``ok'' and pd closes.
2.) A bule dos-like screen comes up, but the text is so enlarged that I can't see the entire message. I can make out something like ``physical memory has been dumped.'' At this point I can't return to windows without restarting. When windows comes back it says it has compiled an error report and that I should send it to microsoft so that they can make windows better.
Is there any hope for me making Gem more stable on my system?

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