[PD] How do you do this? GUI and GOP questions

Matthew Allen matthew at lith.com
Thu Jun 12 19:58:31 CEST 2003

Yeah, I am actually really excited about Kryzstof's work with these objects
(I'm looking forward to one day building a large sequencer that looks like
an stand alone app using these). But It appears they are linux only for the
moment (I was having problems compiling them in VC6, and my expierience with
code really only goes as far as the f7 button). 

I was really interested to see if anyone had any fun hacks with the base
release of PD that would allow you to do these types of things. 

I set up a slider last night that updated a symbol box, but its still felt
to 'removed', and you really had no idea what the next selection was going
to be.


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For a selection list, you should check out Kryzstof Czaja's widgit and 
tow objects.  I think that Tcl/Tk has a GUI object that will meet your 
needs, and widgit/tow lets you use Tcl/Tk objects in pd.



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