[PD] bug or feature???

Michael Iber music at chemie.fu-berlin.de
Sat Jun 14 00:49:07 CEST 2003


after all this time I have spent with PD I just came across some strange 
pressing F10 seems to freeze the gui and changes the mouse cursor 
(different arrow, pointing to a different direction) without effecting 
audio or the metro.
Pressing F10 again, the left mouse button or ESC switches back to normal 
mode. Is it possible to change this behaviour (since I would like to assign 
F10 to something else),
are there any other hidden functions connect to the F*-keys?`Is this 
consistent for all OS (I am currently on winXP, PD-0.36, TCL/TK 8.3)?


Michael Iber

mailto:mail at iber-online.de

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