supriya kher meetsupriya at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 15 22:30:05 CEST 2003


I desparately need help in running pidip software. I installed all necessary 
softwares for pidip
like pd, pdp, ffmpeg, libquick........... Now I am trying to launch pdp and
pidip libraries .
I gave the following command,

/root/Thesis/pd-0.36-0/bin/pd -lib /root/Thesis/pdp-0.11.1/pdp.pd_linux -lib

But it is giving the error that cannot load libraries, then it is starting 
pd. I do not know, how to specify input/ how to see output. I am intersted 
tracking an object in mpeg2 file. For that I need to read mpeg2 file using
pdp_live.c routine and run pdp_mgrid.c routine to see the coordinates.

The deadline for my work is following week. I need help urgently. I would
appreciate your help.

Chill out. Win a Himalayan holiday! 

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