[PD] PIDIP, object tracking in compressed mpeg stream

supriya kher meetsupriya at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 17 01:33:19 CEST 2003


Thank you for your suggestion. I appreciate your help.I tried the options 
and now I am getting only one error,

When I gave the following option:
/root/Thesis/pd-0.36-0/bin/pd -nomidi -noaudio -lib /root/Thesis/pdp-0.9/pdp 
-lib /root/Thesis/pidip-0.9.3/pidip

I got the message as

PDP: pure data packet
PDP: version 0.9
/root/Thesis/pidip-0.9.3/pidip.pd_linux: undefined symbol: 
/root/Thesis/pidip-0.9.3/pidip: can't load library

Then I gave this option

/root/Thesis/pd-0.36-0/bin/pd -nomidi -noaudio -lib /root/Thesis/pdp-0.9/pdp 
-lib /root/Thesis/pidip-0.9.3/pidip.pd_linux

and got message as
PDP: pure data packet
PDP: version 0.9
/root/Thesis/pidip-0.9.3/pidip.pd_linux: can't  load library

So please suggest me some solution. I appreciate your help. Is there any 
tutorial available to for pidip, like how to load patches?, How to give 
input? and how to see output? I know that I have very less time available 
and I have to try it fast. But my requirement is just to show the tracking 
of moving object on the screen.

I appreciate your help.

With regards,


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