[PD] how to get mic/line-in audio into pd?

David Merrill dmerrill at media.mit.edu
Wed Jun 18 00:57:56 CEST 2003

Hi there -

Thanks to all for the ideas about parsing!  I'm now having trouble 
getting audio from the microphone on my laptop into PD.  When I record a 
wav file from adc~ as the source rather than osc~, I only get silence. 
 After spending some time muting/unmuting various things in alsamixer, I 
can't seem to figure out how to tell pd to capture from the microphone 
(or line-in for that matter).  The list of devices in alsamixer that 
sound promising is big:

(possibly mic-related)
Mic Select (Mic1 or Mic2)

(line-in related?)

Can someone offer some guidance about how these levels should be set to 
send audio to PD, and how I tell PD which one I am interested in 
capturing from?  (I'm using ALSA on a IBM Thinkpad, with 
planet-ccrma-style Redhat 8.0)
much appreciated,
David Merrill

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