[PD] neural networks and pd

Alex alex at idoia.com
Wed Jun 18 10:38:12 CEST 2003


For my project of network performance, the application has been built 
with neural net technology in mind. It is not finished yet, but 
basically the patch samples incoming streams according to a metronome, 
a signature and a kind of MIDI file that helps the computer to know 
which note is played. The computer recognize rhythmic melodic patterns. 
At some point because of the delays created by the networks, the 
computer have some gaps to fill (due to discordance of harmony or 
simply by a slow connection). When the length of the gap is known, the 
patch playbacks a sample (or several ones) it "thinks that will suit 
the rest of the song. The musician playing can either activate a foot 
controller or any MIDI controller to tell the computer if it is a bad 
choice or not.
I am at the moment dealing with how to save data for memory and 
particularly looking at object for database communication.
BTW, I now there was something done to communicate with MySql but I 
don' t remember where was that. Olaf' s objects, maybe ?

On Wednesday, June 18, 2003, at 03:58  am, matthew s shanley wrote:

> Does anyone have any experience using neural network computing with PD 
> or anything similar? I want to experiment with an external or 
> something using neural networks for decision making in response to 
> incoming sounds played by me. I'm willing to explore, but since I have 
> no experience with writing externals, nor with neural networks, any 
> help or starting points would be appreciated.
> matt
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