[PD] PD [GEM] memory error message

brad bekligg at club-internet.fr
Thu Jun 19 18:43:57 CEST 2003

Hi all/

I'm using GEM 0.87, PD 0.37 test 4 and XP. When I quit PD after working 
with a video scratching and mixing abstract that I'm writing, I usually 
get the following error message---
<The instruction "0x69132253" used the memory address "0x00002140". The 
memory can not be written.> Also, after working with video for a while, 
when I close the render window and the current abstract, PD crashes when 
I try to open another file.
The problem is not recent, I was experiencing it with GEM 0.86 as well.
Though this problem is not preventing using GEM, I want to avoid any 
future problem. It's also annoying.
Can anybody analyze this one? Thanks,


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