[PD] pd & director

enrike at ixi-software.net enrike at ixi-software.net
Fri Jun 20 12:21:58 CEST 2003


> I'm trying to develop a audio triggered video tool based on pd and director for mac os x.
> The idea so far is to let pd analyze and handle audio data and communicate values to director, which controls the video output and sends control signals to pd.
> My questions... ;-)
> Would you recommend this software combination?
Depends on what you want to achive. director can be pretty bad for many things, 
but for some others is good, allowing to work very fast...

> How good is Video performance with Macromedia Director?
Not very good, but it deppends again on what exactly you want to do with the video

> Which is the best way to communicate with director (eg TCP?) and how about lag time?
On OS9 there is a Xtra for director called OSCar that allows director to send (but 
not receive) OSC. But this doesnt work on OSX. 
I would try to see if the external for PD called Flashserver works on OSX. i am not 
sure about this, but si far is the best way to get bidireccional communication 
between PD and director (at least under windows)

have a look at this exmples i prepared for a workshop, they might be useful for you, 
there are also some other methods explainied or mentioned.

if you discover better way please let me know!

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