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> hi
> > I'm trying to develop a audio triggered video tool based on pd and
director for mac os x.
> >
> > The idea so far is to let pd analyze and handle audio data and
communicate values to director, which controls the video output and sends
control signals to pd.

there is aasfft xtra for director that does fast fourier transform on live
audio-in , so maybe you dont need pd here (os-x version soon to be
http://www.bonneville.nl/cps/ - another xtra with a lot of audio
possibilities , looks like simplified pd more or less (150 euro

> > How good is Video performance with Macromedia Director?
I was developing an interactive instalation where video playback speed was
controlled with live audio-in level and after testing pd + gem and director
+ asFFT it turned out that director was better performance and more stable
than pd there. (everything on windoze)

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