[PD] help files in PDF format?

Mark Khemma mkhemma at orion.it.luc.edu
Fri Jun 20 20:49:55 CEST 2003

Hello PD'ers,

I was wondering if there exists a pdf format of all the help files from
the doc folder. If not, would anyone else feel they would benefit from
one. I'm in the process of building one up for personal use (which will
take some time due to busy schedule). So two things: 1)if there exists one
could someone point me to it? and 2) would anyone else like me to
put it up for public access if one does not exist (with the permission of
the original authors permission? Actually, if either miller puckette
and/or any other of the authors would like to put up on there page, I'd be
more than happy to send if over to you guys when I'm done.

-mark .k

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