[PD] Re: reduce CPU usage

tigital tigital at mac.com
Sun Jun 22 22:20:26 CEST 2003

On Sunday, June 22, 2003, at 03:55  PM, tigital wrote:

> On Sunday, June 22, 2003, at 07:19  AM, Shintaro Miyazaki wrote:
>> download it at . www.gezetera.ch/noise/supercpu.pd
>> thank you in advance.
> hello miyazaki,
> ...very nice looking patch, but that is the problem 
> (unfortunately)...all that use of color is pretty, but horribly 
> un-optimized, at least on the mac tcl/tk side...this is an incredible 
> limitation to the usage of pd in any but an "experimental" manner...I 
> have been working on moving tcl/tk's graphics to native coregraphics 
> calls, but it is a big project, and I'm not convinced that it wouldn't 
> be better to rewrite the pd gui in something else...but it's also 
> apparent that the problem is not just the OSX tcl/tk, because I also 
> get about 56% pd cpu usage with the patch sitting idle, and tcl/tk is 
> barely 5-10%...it's disappointing that pd spends so much time with 
> inefficient drawing calls...

...just as a bit of followup, I looked at the idle patch open via 
shikari, and here's how the function usage is breaking down for pd & 

	17.8%	sighip_perform	pd	
	11.7%	tabread4_tilde_perform	pd	
	9.7%	siglop_perform	pd	
	6.8%	plus_perf8	pd	
	5.3%	scalartimes_perf8	pd	
	3.5%	times_perf8	pd	
	2.3%	osc_perform	pd	
	2.2%	line_perform	pd	
	1.8%	sigvd_perform	pd	
	1.3%	cos_perform	pd	
	1.3%	tabosc4_tilde_perform	pd	
	1.0%	sig_perf8	pd	
	0.9%	phasor_perform	pd	
	0.7%	dsp_tick	pd	
	0.5%	sigwrap_perform	pd	
	0.4%	pa_send_dacs	pd	
	0.3%	noise_perform	pd	
	0.2%	plus_perform	pd	
	0.2%	sigbp_perform	pd	
	0.2%	copy_perf8	pd	
	0.1%	sys_getrealtime	pd	
	0.1%	tabwrite_tilde_perform	pd	
	0.1%	m_scheduler	pd	
	0.1%	sys_addhist	pd	
	0.1%	scalarplus_perf8	pd	
	0.1%	readsf_perform	pd	
	0.1%	sigdelwrite_perform	pd	
	0.1%	RingBuffer_GetReadRegions	pd	
	0.0%	PaOSX_HandleInputOutput	pd	
	0.0%	ReadAudioStream	pd	
	0.0%	restFP	pd	
	0.0%	sys_pollmidiinqueue	pd	
	0.0%	scalarminus_perf8	pd	
	0.0%	sig_perform	pd	
	0.0%	sys_domicrosleep	pd	
	0.0%	sys_poll_midi	pd	
	0.0%	sys_pollmidioutqueue	pd	
	0.0%	RingBuffer_Write	pd	
	0.0%	Pa_EndUsageCalculation	pd	
	0.0%	Pa_StartUsageCalculation	pd	
	0.0%	RingBuffer_GetWriteRegions	pd	
	12.5%	z_index_setup	zexy.pd_darwin	
	3.9%	z_sigbin_setup	zexy.pd_darwin	
	1.3%	z_noise_setup	zexy.pd_darwin	
	1.0%	z_pdf_setup	zexy.pd_darwin	
	0.1%	zexy_setup	zexy.pd_darwin	

...so, we'd need to findout what all the zexy setup functions are for, 
not to mention those pd *_perform functions...

...wish shell, on the other hand, isn't really doing anything once the 
patch is open, but that would change if any gui stuff changes...


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