[PD] Re: reduce CPU usage

Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Sun Jun 22 23:27:05 CEST 2003

it looks like in this thread from the profiling data jamie posted that 
tcl/tk is not the culprit in this case, thouse i wouldnt be surprised if 
it were in many other instances.  i'm wondering though, how extensively 
have you profiled your code to find out if it really an archetectural 
flaw in tcl/tk?  are there other large tcl/tk applications we know of 
that we could test and/or look into the code of  to see if they are able 
to squeeze better performance out of?

there are some really great advantages to the PD gui being done in a 
scripting language (take look at Krzysztof widget/tot/toy if you havnt 

WX would have some advantages, probably in speed, availablity of some 
more advanced widgets and blending into the native environment 
(espeically on linux) that would make a shift to it really slick, and 
maybe even some of the same functionality of widget/tot/toy could be 
accomplished using the wxpython bindings.

definitely worth some close investigation at any rate.


Miller Puckette wrote:

>On that subject, I'm thinking about (someday) rewriting Pd's whole
>graphics layer, probably in "wx", to make it faster.  I'm hoping not to
>have to do that until I understand how the whole GUI should work better
>than I do now.

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