[PD] pd and director

S.HIRANO shirano at nn.iij4u.or.jp
Mon Jun 23 18:43:33 CEST 2003

I have experience that connect FLASH and Pd.
I hear that  DirectorMX dir files can include FLASH swf files and FLASH 
files. And FLASH and Director files send messages each other.
So it would be possible to control Director via FLASH.
But I have not try it out yet because I do not have DirectorMX .

To connect FLASH and Pd.
Please use OSC(Open Sound Control object)
And convert OSC message to XMLsocket for FLASH by flosc program
Next you can write action script (use xml socket for flosc )

I made a web page how to connect MAX and Pd,FLASH,Keystroke,
Image/ine. but it was written in Japanese.
(Sorry ,I have no time to translate it!)

I hope this mail will help you.
Best regards,

 From Saburo HIRANO /Kyoto SEIKA university

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