[PD] Re: [PD-announce] pdp-0.12

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Mon Jun 23 23:33:14 CEST 2003


so to follow tom's annoucement, i've released pidip v0.12 and gem2pdp v0.4.

from the CHANES.LOG

pidip :

  Compatibility with PDP 0.12

gem2pdp :

  Compatibility with PDP 0.12

yeh, nothing new...



Tom Schouten wrote:

>hi all,
>pdp-0.12 is out. get it at http://zwizwa.fartit.com/pd/pdp
>most important changes are the type conversion system, the addition of the 
>opengl library (now semi-stable), png image load/save support in pdp_reg, the 
>new matrix type and some new objects.
>there are 2 new dependencies in the main pdp lib:
>* libgsl (required)
>* libpng (optional)
>from the changelog:
>v0.12:	2003/06/21
>	added support for high level packet conversion (mime-like descriptions)
>	added pdp_convert
>	added "memlimit" message to pdp_control (to limit pdp's mem usage)
>	maximum nb of packets is now only limited by the memlimit
>	added new basic type: bitmap/*/* (PDP_BITMAP) for standard fourcc formats
>	cleaned up pdp_xv/glx  (x window glue code reuse)
>	fixed rgb/bgr bug in conversion code
>	added pdp_abs, pdp_zthresh
>	completed dpd framework (for context based processing, i.e. 3dp)
>	rewrote gem like 3d library on top of dpd (it's almost stable)
>	added a matrix type (float/double real/complex) for linear algebra stuff
>	added matrix processors pdp_m_*: mv, mm, +=mm, LU, LU_inverse, LU_solve 
>	pdp_cheby now accepts an array with a mapping function
>	added pdp_plasma
>	fixed outlet_pdp bug (this caused all kind of weirdness)
>	added embedded scheme interpreter for testing (see the guile/ dir)
>	added simple forth-style scripting language (pdp's rpn calculator)
>	added png load/save support to pdp_reg
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