[PD] tutorial

David Sabine dave at davesabine.com
Tue Jun 24 12:09:45 CEST 2003

Hello all,

I agree with pix that PD tutorials are very difficult to write primarily
because the possibilities are rather endless.  Predicting the needs of a new
user beyond a few basic PD structures is nearly impossible.

I've tried a slightly different approach with the PDDP reference files -- I
believe that if a LOT of information is available for each object (with
working examples of the object in various contexts) a user can glean the
required information and begin to use PD's objects in a meaningful way.

Yes, I am shamelessly advertising the PDDP reference files which are
available (always) at http://www.davesabine.com/media/puredata.asp

In each of these object reference files, I've tried to include a subpatch
called "more info" which offers tutorials, examples, explanations,

I hope this helps.

Happy programming,
Dave S

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Hi to all,
I was aking myself: is there on line a real PD tutorial for dummies? I mean,
something like: "now, let's play a sound file"...
thanks to all


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