[PD] Re: Pd on OSX...

Alex alex at idoia.com
Tue Jun 24 21:02:37 CEST 2003

On Tuesday, June 24, 2003, at 07:11  pm, Mitchell Turner wrote:

> Nick,
> I have tried several times but have not yet had full success.
I had none with all the sound cards I have tried so far. (5)

> Audio:
> I think it is a PortAudio problem, but I am unsure.  With most 
> versions of PAv18, I can only get audio signals out of PD not in.
No, this is not a PA problem, although it used to be one.
I got in touch with Phil Burk and he spent kindly some times to check 
PA with a MOTU and a Hammerfall on OSX without any problems.

> Even the Built-in audio has this problem when compiled with certain 
> versions of PortAudio.
That is true, the version of PA released in April solved most of the 
problem of audio in PD, apart from the inputs problem unfortunately.

> Alex was trying to get his system working as well and maybe he can 
> provide more info.
I was actually waiting for some people to bring more to that problem 
which is a real one.
A strange fact however that I did not post: an official update of PA 
dated from April is meant to be part of pd0.37, but we find the same 
problem in pd0.37 than with the previous version of PA.
I have tried however to compile pd again with the latest version of PA 
but without success. I don' t understand that and this is mainly why I 
am still on pd0.36. I think there is something wrong with the way pd 
communicate with PA because it made no difference with any version of 
PA I have tried when compiling.

> I have used the Fastlane 2X2 but have had better results with a 1X1 
> MIDI interface (Roland UM-1).
I have had no problem with MIDI with the Fastlane, the microexpress and 
recently with an Edirol 1 1 except maybe the time I spent to find the 
right ports : midiindev 0 midiout dev 5
> Hope this helps,
So do I.

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