[PD] some thinkings about Pure-data

abel.jerome at free.fr abel.jerome at free.fr
Wed Jun 25 17:45:56 CEST 2003

hI again,

I've seen some patches PD on websites recommanded on the mailing list and I'm a 
little disappointed. Just 10 or 15 patchs on the Web, it's a joke? 

Tell me more about the PD communauty, maybe the main purpose is to create 

I'm a french guy, I would like to participate on the possible translation of PD 
documentation in French, Do you think it will be happened?

I'm working on an interactive (sensors convert to midi) sampler with PD, I will 
put it on the web.
If anyone is working about the same idea, may be we can give ourself some stuff.



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