[PD] pd with OSC and SGI Performer

PAGANO,PATRICK RALPH bigswift at ufl.edu
Wed Jun 25 21:35:38 CEST 2003

Hi folks

We here at the University fo Florida, Digital Worlds Institute
have created a 3D campus map that runs on a three pipe SGI Onyx
reality monster. We use unwinder to joystick through the campus
model. We are able to write map data to a file specifying 
points in the map. What i would like to do is read this data
(maybe by socket) from the SGI to control an audio surface/grid 
Max/msp so that we may add spatialized audio to our map in 5.1. I
am currently controlling the spatialization with a slide mate 
controller, spitting out audio tracks through an emi 2|6 for the

I would like to use pd IRIX to receive the OSC messages before 
they are sent out to msp. I have a working version of pd 34.3 on 
the Reality Monster, will OSC work in that build?

Can someone give me basic of how to get started getting the
messages from the SGI into pd via OSC?



Patrick Pagano
Research and Development Assistant
ScorpionRT Operator
Digital Worlds Institute
University of Florida


On Wed Jun 25 14:18:27 EDT 2003, Frank Barknecht 
<fbar at footils.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> Zitat von Olaf Matthes <olaf.matthes at gmx.de>:
>> abel.jerome at free.fr schrieb:
>> > I've seen some patches PD on websites recommanded on the 
>> mailing list and
>> I'm a
>> > little disappointed. Just 10 or 15 patchs on the Web, it's a 
>> joke?
> No pun intended, but: You need to look harder. I alone have about 
> a dozen
> on my site. Not all really useful, but some (mostly angriff and 
> sseq) are
> very useful and I know that people do use them. Those two were 
> specifically
> created to be re-useable on many occasions.
>> > Tell me more about the PD communauty, maybe the main purpose 
>> is to create
>> > externals?
> There is no main purpose. I'm sure, everyone does different 
> things. For example
> a lot here use Pd for graphics, but I don't.
>> At the moment I'm trying to reuse one of my own patches I did 
>> about a
>> year ago but I realised very soon it would have been easier to 
>> create a
>> new one from scratch. (At least my) patches are growing all the 
>> time and
>> get 'dirty'.
> Hey, I can feel with you, Olaf ;) I would like to publish some 
> more patches
> but most are too dirty, so I refrain from doing it and only 
> publish what's
> understandable without much explanation. Well, thinking about 
> this, I should
> sometime remove some older patches from my site, because they're 
> such a
> mess...
>> [I don't know where creativity ends and 'presets' start. One of 
>> the very
>> good things about Pd is that everyone has to create it's own 
>> patches.
>> Like in the old days with analogue synthesizer _without_ factory 
>> presets
>> and 'custom memory banks' where everyone had to make ones own 
>> sound. It
>> helps you to create your individual sound because this sound is 
>> based on
>> your individual patches.
> I'll second that. Maybe the purpose, if there is such, of the Pd 
> community
> is to help with "how do I do this and that". This can be done 
> with
> sharing patches, but can also be done by simply answering the 
> questions,
> that were asked.
>> But, yes, of course, we need example patches showing how to use 
>> the
>> objects. And, me culpa, I sometimes do use Pd's example patches 
>> as a
>> starting point for my own stuff.]
> But we all do! IMO Pd's example patches are a wonderful 
> introduction to Pd and
> sound synthesis in general. I remember, though, that some of them 
> were over
> my head when I started using Pd (some still are) but I can come 
> back to them
> and still learn something new. Also people should really read the 
> html-docs.
> But it's a known fact: Users don't read documentation. And 
> developers don't
> write it. :)
> ciao
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