[PD] upcoming installation - OSX, motu, midi, video

chris clepper cclepper at artic.edu
Thu Jun 26 17:17:52 CEST 2003

>  Video - has anyone compiled/run GEM currently on OSX?

GEM for OSX is part of the CVS and you can find a binary here:

The G4 version has a fair amount of Altivec code in it so definitely 
use that if you are using a G4.  I will be posting an update to this 
version very soon, perhaps as early as today, so check the page for 

>I need
>to play some avi/mpg/mov files in time with these midi/CV triggers

GEM for OSX uses Quicktime to open and play files so just about 
anything that the Quicktime player plays GEM will do the same.  The 
exception is MPEG-1 clips which don't work and the QT documentation 
is wrong concerning the correct playback method - maybe this will get 
sorted out at some point.

You can always report bugs to this list and we will do our best to 
fix them for you.


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