[PD] PD arrays in Gripd windows

Joseph A. Sarlo jsarlo at ucsd.edu
Fri Jun 27 23:33:46 CEST 2003

If I recall, I think I just made a generic array viewer for GrIPD that you
could send an array index and value from Pd. To use it to view Pd arrays,
you parse the Pd array using tabread and send the values in the usual GrIPD
way (I can't remember if I made it bi-directional, but it should be easy to
implement). You can set this up with a metro object, and this way, the user
can control the resolution (both time and array resampling). This avoided
issues such as how much data to send over tcp and when to send it (just put
the burden on the user!), although it would be nice to have a way for Pd to
make callbacks when an array's contents have changed.

jsarlo at ucsd.edu

> Hi Joe, hi all,
> > There isn't a way in the current release version, but I've been working
> > this in the development version, and I think I had it working (it's been
> > while). Unfortunately I have no clue when it will be ready. Probably not
> too
> > long, there are some other bug fixes I need to look at.
> i'm working on an alternative wave viewer/editor too.
> I wonder how you implement it, since there is no dirty flag or comparable
> for PD arrays.
> This would imply that an external has to check all the contents all the
> to see if something has changed.
> Have you found another way?
> If not, i'd suggest to add a modification date to the array structure, so
> that (also multiple) array viewers can check if they're up to date. If
> are no objections i'll try to add that to the devel_0_37 branch.
> best greetings,
> Thomas

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