[PD] 4 outs on a cheap soundcard.

d dieb13 at klingt.org
Mon Jun 30 15:37:41 CEST 2003

i've never used a cheap 5.1 soundcard for that purpose, but ionce tried 
to use 4 channels on a sb-pci 128 and the crosstalk between the two 
outlets was too big.
i ended up using 4 soundblastercards in that one machine for 8 
(mono-)channels, which worked well.

Kjetil S. Matheussen wrote:
> I might help a person set up an installation which contains
> both video and sound all running in pd, and is now giving some free
> advices.
> He needs 4 audio outs from pd, so I reccomended the
> delta44 soundcard. He asked if it was possible to use
> a cheap soundcard instead (I presume the soundquality is
> not that important for this). But I have no idea how
> well that works.
> Anyone have experience having 4 outs (an "adc~ 1 2 3 4" object) on a cheap
> soundcard (one of those 5.1 cards or something) in pd. Does it work?
> Pd is going to run linux.

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