[PD] Pd vs. MAX

PAGANO,PATRICK RALPH bigswift at ufl.edu
Mon Jun 30 23:23:54 CEST 2003

I have used jMAx, pd and Max/msp. Jmax i used briefly (not nearly 
as long as i spent trying to compile it :-)..It is limited but 
there are a few nice extensions for it. pd, i have been cracking 
at for about 5 years, Max/msp about three. The only drawback is 
that pd and portaudio seem to be stalling on usb-audio multiins 
outs (at least from my very limited perspective.) But remeber pd 
and jMAx are free as well as csound whilst Reaktor and Max/msp are 
pay programs so i would exclude them immediately from comparison. 
I woudl have to say msp dominates because of the superior audio 
support, but hopefully that will change soon..



On Mon Jun 30 16:43:56 EDT 2003, "J. Scott Hildebrand" 
<jshildebrand at ucdavis.edu> wrote:

>      right now i'm writing a report on the effectiveness of Pd 
> for use in
> spatial audio. i'm also somewhat comparing it to its competition; 
> csound,
> reaktor, and of course the various versions of MAX. it's been 
> very hard
> trying to understand the current state of things, for example 
> which is
> more widely used and has more people working on it?
>      i've read a lot about the various incarnations of MAX 
> including jMAX,
> MAX/MSP, Pd, and all the old stuff like MAX/Opcode, MAX/FTS, 
> Patcher, ISPW
> stuff, etc.
>      have any of you tried several different things and have any 
> useful
> comparison info? how are the expansions in jMAX and MAX/MSP 
> comparable to
> the expansions in Pd like GEM and GriPD? thanks,
> scott
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