[PD] newbie question about tabplay~ and tabread4~

abel.jerome at free.fr abel.jerome at free.fr
Tue Jul 1 14:46:52 CEST 2003

HI list!

aNother question about the difference between tabplay~ and tabread4~. I'm not 
very relax with the mathematics problems and this kind of stuff. 

FOr exemple, I build a sampler with effects. I take on the PD documentation the 
patchs bandpass, loop, oneshotsampler, but when  I want combine this few Pd 
exemples, There are some problems when I mix a tabplay~ and a tabread4~ in the 
same patch. the consequence is a sound with one effect and in the same time, a 
sound with another effect.
I don't arrive to find the way to combine effects.

I'm trying with objets  "+~ "  or "*~ ", But I don't understand this objects.

In Pd, there are a lot of mathematics hard to eat for me, Is there a basic 
explanation of this objects (for beggining)?


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