[PD] about 8 outputs sound hardware, any suggestion?

jose manuel berenguer jmbeal at telefonica.net
Tue Jul 8 17:00:45 CEST 2003


at orquestra del caos we are planning a show of artistic works based 
on pd and max/msp patches especially oriented to control the position 
of sounds...

we were very grateful for your advices, opinions and experiences on 
sound cards and computer configurations one should use to 
successfully run PD on a pentium PC through 8 independent outputs.

thank you in advance

josé manuel
Jose Manuel Berenguer
jmbeal at telefonica.net +34932857046 +34696538403
jmberenguer at cccb.org  +34933064128
http://sonoscop.cccb.org http://ocaos.cccb.org/caos
Sonoscop/Orquesta del Caos. CCCB. Montalegre, 5. 08001 Barcelona. Spain

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