[PD] about 8 outputs sound hardware, any suggestion?

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Tue Jul 8 17:32:43 CEST 2003

hola josé,

although it can be a bit funny [and a bit expensive], i still love my 
Hammerfall DSP card. it has seperate interfaces for laptop and desktop 
machines, and has no problems running simultaneous 8 inputs and outputs. 
it gets amazing low latency under ASIO, and with some tuning you can get 
it to run pretty well with Jack under Linux. see here for Linux 
configuration details:


i will be using one for a multichannel installation at Medienturm in 

have a look at VBAP for spatialization software:

good luck

jose manuel berenguer wrote:

> hello
> at orquestra del caos we are planning a show of artistic works based 
> on pd and max/msp patches especially oriented to control the position 
> of sounds...
> we were very grateful for your advices, opinions and experiences on 
> sound cards and computer configurations one should use to successfully 
> run PD on a pentium PC through 8 independent outputs.
> thank you in advance
> josé manuel

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