[PD] newbie GEM questions

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Tue Jul 8 22:52:13 CEST 2003

Hi all GEM & PD users,

I have a couple of GEM related questions:

Is it so that the gemwin only can be maximized on the primary display ?

If I have my second display on svideo out at 800 600 and send the message:
'offset -800 0, border 0, dimen 800 600' the gemwin fills my tvset nicely,
but if I set the gemwin at a lower resolution and send a 'fullscreen 1'
instead, the resolution on my primary monitor is changed and the gemwin
ends up there instead.

Is there som other way to use different 'render' and 'display' resolutions
in GEM ?

Another question Is if the dimen of the gemwin influences the render
resolution in video processing with the pix_ objects ?

All the best /

Martin malm

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