[PD] Order of messaging

Pixelcorrection at wmconnect.com Pixelcorrection at wmconnect.com
Sun Jul 13 18:32:33 CEST 2003

   What I have been doing to organize my message into their correct order is 
using pack and unpack.   

[bang] [inlet] [inlet]
 \         1       /
  \        1     /
[pack 0 0 0]
[unpack 0 0 0]
        /       /
       /     /
[pack 0 0]
{add $1 $2}

Pack puts the message in the order you want and the bang lets you send it at 
the right time.  The unpack drops the bang message out, the second pack puts 
it back in order and the add formats the message for your sequencer object.   
This method is helping me to generate csound scores.  By the way is there 
anyone out there working on a Windows version of the Csound external?  Is anyone 
using it on linux, and has an experience they would like to share?   
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