[PD] GEM and transparency

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Johannes, did you take a look at my example patch? It works as I describe, arguments to separator DO change render order as they do with gemheads... Oh was it a fluke? I'm using 87 on Windows...  

I tried it again with three objects, using 1 5 and 10 as the separator arguments and it seems to work fine, I don't have any source on this machine so I can't tell you whats going on... 

I disagree that its confusing, its just as intuitive as gemhead's render priority. Actually I think using a [t a a] confuses things more significantly. Does this patch work for anyone else?

Here is an other example with three layers.


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Date: Friday, July 18, 2003 9:42 am
Subject: Re: [PD] GEM and transparency

> Zitiere bbogart at ryerson.ca:
> > Hey Martin,
> > 
> > your problem is render-order not transparency. transparency only 
> workstrue
> > Gemheads with smaller numbers get rendered first (0-1-2-3-4 
> etc..) and
> > the same goes for separators, 
> hey, this is news to me.
> i cannot think of any way how to achieve this (from the 
> programmer's side, of 
> course), without getting a *lot* of timing problems.
> if you really need a specific rendering order with several 
> separators, you'll 
> have to do what you have to do in pd to acchieve a certain order 
> of message-
> execution (basically Gem is message based): use "trigger"
> sketch:
> [gemlist(
> |
> [t    a    a]
> |           |
> [gemlist2(  [gemlist1(
> > 
> > I've attached a demo example to make things more clear
> > 
> i'll have a look at this.
> however, i will *strongly* recommend to not rely on a feature like 
> the ordering 
> of several gem-sublists by giving an argument to [separator].
> it will be really confusing to ignore pd's way of handling such 
> problem.
> mfg.as.r
> IOhannes
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