interleaved arrays (was: Re: [PD] PD n00b: counter kludge)

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at
Mon Jul 28 15:57:46 CEST 2003

hi Thomas,

bear with my dumbness... do I understand well, that you are
talking about making the cpu cache happy?  Have you done
real-world measurements?

Is making cpu happy worth making people unhappy with sacrificing
the flexible, uniform, and standard Pd feature for a few cycles?

And, even if it was so... perhaps, it is more like time to think
about introducing interleaved arrays into Pd's core, so that the
soundfiler, tab<whatever>~, etc. are all aware of them?


Thomas Grill wrote:
 > great that it works at all, but clearly it is far more efficient to use
 > interleaved samples in one memory structure.
 > I'm in the process of optimizing xsample's performance, therefore i'm
 > interested in a more native implementation of Max's buffer~.

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