[PD] tcl/tk vs. wx vs tcl/gtk

Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Mon Jul 28 20:06:36 CEST 2003

i just noticed there Gnocl which is a tk-like binding for Tcl/Gtk+ ... 
basically it lets your Tcl apps use Gtk+ widgets, and supposedly the API 
is pretty similar to Tk.  This might be an path to look into for 
speeding up the gui, it might be a LOT less work to port to this than 
rewrite everything in wx. 


Wx has the advantage of giving pd real native widgets on all supported 
platforms, but gtk+ is portable and is able to emulate natice look 
pretty well:


i'll add this to my endless list of "things i'd love to look into in 
depth" :)


Miller Puckette wrote:

>On that subject, I'm thinking about (someday) rewriting Pd's whole
>graphics layer, probably in "wx", to make it faster.  I'm hoping not to
>have to do that until I understand how the whole GUI should work better
>than I do now.

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