[PD] another problem

Riccardo Visinoni shivanv at tiscali.it
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please Marc, let me know when you release your externals they could be
useful to realize my external

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Le 29 Juillet 2003 07:53, Riccardo Visinoni a écrit :
> First of all thanks a lot for the "how to ..." links.
> Now I've got a great problem (maybe it's stupid but I'm not expert).
> I have to connect an external device to my pc and it has to control an
> abstraction realized with pd. This device will be connected to pc via
> serial port. Does exist an abstraction or an external, that could help
> me to send information throgh the serial port? Riccardo

Hi Riccardo.

To send information through the serial port, a serial external is
required. On Linux, I'm aware of two serial externals: "serialctl" by
Gunter Geiger, and "comport" by Winfried Ritsch. On Windows, I think
there's only "comport". For a previous project, I tried "serialctl" but
for some reason it didn't work for me so I had to use "comport".

But "comport" is difficult to use because it sends are receives ascii
character codes, one by one in a stream mode. I will soon release a set
of externals, called "any2ascii" and "ascii2any", to convert numbers,
symbols and lists from and to serial ascii streams. Stay tuned...

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