[PD] Anyone using Digidesign Interfaces?

samferguson at ihug.com.au samferguson at ihug.com.au
Thu Jul 31 07:22:29 CEST 2003

Hi List,

I'm just wondering if anyone out there has managed to get a Digidesign Digi001, 
002 002R or Mbox to work with the asio driver for winxp available from Digi? 
I've tried -listdev with my 002r and only my laptop sound card appears. The 
asio drivers work well for Cubase and Reason and other more traditional asio 
style programs. I've had asio working before with an SBLive as well. I'm 
wondering what I'm doing wrong, or if I need to move some dll or driver files 
to specific directories to get PD to recognise this driver?

Hope someone can help...

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