[PD] Anyone using Digidesign Interfaces?

Sam samferguson at ihug.com.au
Fri Aug 1 12:36:24 CEST 2003

Thanks Johannes very helpful, bit silly of me to forget sorry...
So now I've got a listdev working....

C:\pd\bin>pd -asio -listdev
MIDI output device #1: Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth
Number of devices = 3
---------------------------------------------- #1 DefaultInput 
Name         = ASIO Digidesign Driver
Max Inputs   = 18, Max Outputs = 18
Sample Rates = 44100.00, 48000.00, 88200.00, 96000.00,
Native Sample Formats = paInt24,
not using MIDI input (use 'pd -midiindev 1' to override)
using default input device number: 0
using default output device number: 0
nchan 2, flags 3, bufs 4, framesperbuf 256

So pd -asio should run with device number one, the default... It just does 
nothing. The other asio drivers I have on my system(Steinberg ASIO drivers) 
run my laptop soundcard really badly but the default asio device results in 
no audio at all. I've tried -noadc and specifying channels and -audiodev 0 
and all the other audiodevs.. (1 and 2 are Steinberg, 3 is out of range)

I'd really like to get this working if possible for a perceptual experiment 
I'm working on, so if anyone has any other suggestions I'd be grateful. 
Otherwise its writesf~ and big wavefiles again...


pd 0.36 and winxp

On Thu, 31 Jul 2003 10:05:37 +0200, Johannes Taelman 
<johannes.taelman at UGent.be> wrote:

>> I've tried -listdev with my 002r and only my laptop sound card appears.
> No Digidesign here but I think you need "-asio -listdev" to list asio
> drivers.
> Johannes


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