[PD] audiodriver osx

adrian vacca sc at civilrevoltage.com
Fri Aug 1 16:20:17 CEST 2003

hi list,

i got the gem running on osx,
and it works well.
however, i get crashes from pd, especially if
i switch fast between windows.
also i noticed pd taking up to 60% for some simple stuff,
after closing the patches window, pd is still taking 60%.
does stuff get gc-ed?
i did not try audio, because i use sc for that.
if i wanted, would i run core audio, jack, or port audio?

greetz and thanks for the work on gem and its osx port,


Exception:  EXC_BREAKPOINT (0x0006)
Code[0]:    0x00000001Code[1]:    0x97e1a554

Thread 0 Crashed:
  #0   0x97e1a554 in -[NSConcreteTask launchWithDictionary:]
  #1   0x00003c6c in 0x3c6c
  #2   0x9068c258 in objc_msgSendv
  #3   0x97dfcd5c in -[NSInvocation invoke]
  #4   0x97e11468 in -[NSConnection dispatchInvocation:]
  #5   0x97e08250 in -[NSConnection handleRequest:sequence:]
  #6   0x97e0d79c in -[NSConnection handlePortCoder:]
  #7   0x97e0acb4 in -[NSConcretePortCoder dispatch]
  #8   0x97e00450 in __NSFireMachPort
  #9   0x9015bd8c in __CFMachPortPerform
  #10  0x9015bbf8 in __CFRunLoopDoSource1
  #11  0x90148c9c in __CFRunLoopRun
  #12  0x90180f58 in CFRunLoopRunSpecific
  #13  0x97e05680 in -[NSRunLoop runMode:beforeDate:]
  #14  0x0000439c in 0x439c
  #15  0x00002b44 in 0x2b44
  #16  0x000029c4 in 0x29c4

PPC Thread State:
   srr0: 0x97e1a554 srr1: 0x0202f030                vrsave: 0x00000000
    xer: 0x20000000   lr: 0x97e1a554  ctr: 0x90014940   mq: 0x00000000
     r0: 0x97e1a554   r1: 0xbfffdc80   r2: 0x24002246   r3: 0x00000000
     r4: 0x00000000   r5: 0x20000000   r6: 0xbfffd960   r7: 0x20000000
     r8: 0x0004a010   r9: 0x000531d0  r10: 0x00000003  r11: 0x000531d0
    r12: 0x24002246  r13: 0x00000000  r14: 0x00000000  r15: 0x00000001
    r16: 0x00000001  r17: 0x00000000  r18: 0x24002280  r19: 0x00000000
    r20: 0x000012e3  r21: 0x00000000  r22: 0x0004a978  r23: 0xbffff814
    r24: 0x0005b050  r25: 0x00065970  r26: 0x00000100  r27: 0xbfffdcc0
    r28: 0xbfffdcc8  r29: 0xa0008c50  r30: 0x00000100  r31: 0x97e19d6c

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