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Wed Aug 6 17:13:01 CEST 2003

Quoting unorosso at mac.com:

> Have you any experience to share on using gem to _play_ high res video?
> I am working with a friend to a simple video sequencer, but the main 
> problem is using the right compression codec to me. I don't mind a 
> brute force solution, but so far some codecs crash gem with full pal.
> If someone has also a pointer I'll aprreciate very much
> :)

what OS are you using?  

PAL DV is possible on any recent G4 Mac 800Mhz or faster.  there are no known
issues using video of any resolution on OSX.  anything quicktime player plays
GEM will play with the exception of MPEG-1 (there is a bug in the QT API).  In
fact I have been using _full_ HD 1920x1080 on my 1ghz tiBook and it plays at
20fps.  The best codec for such resolutions is photo-jpeg using the 'high' (NOT
best) setting to compress.  If you just want DV then the standard Apple DV codec
works best and uses Altivec and multiple CPUs to decompress.


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