[PD] howto gain finer resolutions of message/audio interaction?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Aug 10 20:12:46 CEST 2003

errorsmith hat gesagt: // errorsmith wrote:

> I read in the manual under 2.4.4: "You may wish to use block sizes smaller
> than 64 to gain finer resolutions of message/audio interaction, .. "
> I tried that without success. I started from the the following audio
> example: "73.control.blocksize.pd". I added a metro object in the subpatch
> where the blocksize is reduced to one sample (block~ 1). The output of the
> metro is triggering an envelope with a short spike. Unlike the delaytime of
> the feedback delay in the example patch the time gap between two spikes
> cannot be set below 64 samples. I attached the file. I am using pd 0.36-0
> under winxp.
> Maybe I am doing something wrong? Maybe there is an other solution to that.

I didn't look to closely into your patch, but I saw that you use the
adsr abstraction in it which in turn uses the [del] objects. Those del
objects never delay below 64 samples (and thus are acutally a "pain in
derriere" for fast, perkussive envelopes) 

You might want to try your test patch with a phasor~ instead, whose
phase is reset evertime the metro is on.

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