[PD] trouble with pack

alex norman spammeillkillyou at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 12 07:55:39 CEST 2003

I'm trying to use pack to route midi messages based on
their channel to different outputs of an abstraction. 
my problem is this:
route uses the entry of a list to route things, the
channel from note in doesn't change unless the channel
changes so the pack setup I have (putting channel as
the first argument) delays the output.  for instance
if i push key 64 i get a 0 velocity note (from the
previous note) and when i release key 64 i get the
velocity i originally pressed key 64 with, then if i
push another note, say key 98 i get a zero velocity
key 64 and when i release 98 i get a key 98 with the
velocity that i pushed key 98 with.

I bet there is an easy way to solve this, but as a new
pd user i have no clue (and I've been trying to work
around it for hours).

my abstraction is attached.

Thanks for your input,
Alex Norman

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