[PD] GCC for MacOSX/Flashserver

Willem Paling willem at sydneyfriction.com
Thu Aug 14 01:57:25 CEST 2003

I guess installing developer tools is my best option.
I can't really get the uni to install it on every computer though.
I think I'll just install it at home, compile what I need and then install 
it at uni.

seems like the safest option.



At 10:06 AM 13/08/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Gcc does come with the developer tools under OSX.
>I'm not sure if you can get just GCC by itself, probably best to install the
>dev tools on all the machines (make all the students happy ;)
>good luck!
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> > OK,
> >
> > So I'm trying to get my university (University of Technology Sydney) to
> > me install PD and the Flashserver internal in the computing lab so I can
> > use it for a project I'm doing this semester.
> > They've kindly given the OK and we installed PD today.
> >
> > So Olaf says here
> > that the sources only compile with PD 0.37, we have PD 0.36 installed.
> > So I downloaded the file flashserver-0.2g.zip and found there was no
> > for OSX, so I couldn't install it.
> >
> > So the first thing I want to know is, given that v0.2h will not COMPILE
> > with PD 0.36, is there anything wrong with a binary version?  If so, can
> > anyone either point me to somewhere that I can acquire GCC for macosx so
> > that I can compile v0.2g myself (I've had a real hard time finding it,
> > everywhere seems to imply that you need developer tools installed
> > regardless).  Or better still, if there if anyone can send me a binary for
> > macosx of v0.2g, that'd be swell.
> >
> > I did briefly test the v0.2h binary with PD 0.36 on OSX, and found that it
> > worked ok.  But I wanted to be sure, as I'd rather get it all setup
> > properly to start with rather than having to annoy the lab admin by making
> > him come and fix it up for me all the time.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Willem
> >
> >
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