[PD] More help for a newbie?

Andrew Culver culver at anarchicharmony.org
Thu Aug 14 23:04:34 CEST 2003

I know zero about pd. Which is more than I know about a lot of things.

But. Do you all have to use VC++? I needed to recompile some 19 yr old, no 
gui, c code about six months ago to run on a new Win2k box. I went to 
Borland, downloaded a nice and simple compiler (the command-line only 
portion Borland C++ Builder 5), a really useful help file, and had my old 
code nicely rebuilt in about an hour. Didn't even bother with a make file, 
just a few command line flags. It was all in the help file. And free too.

Good luck to all -- Andrew Culver

At 03:10 PM 8/14/2003 -0500, Chad A. Wood wrote:
>Well, I don't claim to be very good at understanding the compilation
>environment on windows, but I could never get those makefiles to work,
>because I could never get my path right to link to m_pd.h. And in fact I
>emailed about this on pd-dev a couple times, but no one could ever seem to
>help me out.
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> > "Chad A. Wood" schrieb:
> > > p.s. I'll try to come up with an empty project and workspace for making
> > > externals in a day or two and post it online, now that I know how.  Why
> > > doesn't this exist
> >
> > Well, you could copy VC++ 6.0 projects from other externals / libraries
> > (maxlib has one, for example). Most people seem to use the makefile
> > directly, probably because you just need one makefile that contains all
> > the information for all platforms.
> > Instead of building a VC++ project / workspace from scratch it's also
> > possible to 'import' existing makefiles. All changes still have to be
> > made to the makefile directly (text editor), but it's possible to press
> > F7 in VC++ to get everything compiled without having to type "nmake
> > pd_nt" or whatever.
> >
> > Olaf
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