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Tue Aug 19 19:05:27 CEST 2003

sorry for the delay, i figured someone else would answer this.. ;)

depending on what kind of polyphony you need, this might come in handy:

specifically, if you need midi-style polyphony (separate note-on/note-off
messages), then nqpoly won't work for you "out of the box". it could be
hacked to support it though. the nqpoly intrument delegation stuff works
best when you know the duration of the event at the time when you trigger


> nqpoly (not-quite-poly) is an abstraction that uses various voodoo to
> fake the functionality of the poly~ object in max.
> in short, nqpoly can take abstractions that obey certain requirements,
> and can link them together to make a polyphonic instrument.
> since it automates the normally painful task of making a patch
> polyphonic, it is very easy to do things like 60-note polyphonism, which
> really starts becoming granular synthesis.
> there is more information in the readme file in the tar file.


On Sun, 17 Aug 2003 23:33:04 +0200
Atte André Jensen <atte at ballbreaker.dk> wrote:

> I'm quite confused about how hard it seems to be to do a polyphonic
> patch in pd. What's the simplest way? And what's the most effecient,
> cpu-wise?
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