[PD] dir access

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed Aug 20 14:54:25 CEST 2003

TOT will probably do this, as you can get a file listing (and copy delete
etc.. ) very easily in tcl...

glob *

file rename
file delete
file copy


Try this before writing something!

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> Hello all,
> I posted a similar questions months ago...the response from the developers
> seemed to be this:
> 1.  it's easy on linux/PD (something about shell commands)
> 2.  it's impossible on win/PD
> Actually, it's not impossible, but somebody mentioned that performing this
> operation on Windows, being that the file system is handled so differently
> in each OS, would lead to spaghetti code that might eventually become very
> difficult to handle in PD.
> Having said that, I think it would be a very powerful tool and would like
> see some development in this area.
> I work a lot in ASP (for 'web' stuff) and make frequent use of the
> "Scripting.FileSystemObject" in Visual Basic to return collections of
> folders, files, etc.  Using this object one can also move, delete, rename
> and copy files on the fly.  I don't know how this functionality could be
> provided within PD, because my knowledge of 'C' is so limited...but it
> would be handy!
> To make this issue even more complex: the .NET framework now provides an
> to zip/compress, send mail, edit and resize images, and even return MP3
> attributes (like name, composer, album, year released, bit rate, etc).  I
> wonder if PD will even incorporate some of these tools?
> Regards,
> Dave Sabine
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> Hi !
> No, the openpanel is not what I'm looking for.  I need to load an unknown
> number of images and movies into different buffers depending on their
> names and extensions.
> I know that there is an object in MAX that can search a folder and return
> the contents as a list, so I was wondering if someone has created
> something like it for PD.
> cheers /
> Martin
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